Sell Using Your Sexual Allure

Can you use your sex desire to sell stuff you don’t want? Since I joined London escorts, I have learned how to use my sexual desire in many different ways. One of the girls I work with at London escorts influenced me to sell my old used knickers online. At first, I did not believe her that you could actually do that, but there are few sites where you can indeed sell your knickers online.

I have not told any of my dates at London escorts that I sell my worn knickers online, but maybe I should try to do so. A couple of the guys I date at London escorts get seriously turned on by women’s knickers and it could be a great way to create a bit of a following for my service at London escorts. There are a lot of London escorts who have got an actual fan base, and I keep on wondering if I should check out the idea.
How much money can you make when you sell your old knickers online? One of the girls I work with at this London escorts says that she has made a lot of money selling her old knickers. She has a couple of what she calls knickers groupies, and she charges anything from $150 upwards for her knickers. If a man is looking for a special pair of knicker, like a pair of lazy ones, she may even charge him more. It has become a rather profitable sideline for her away from London escorts.

As I am very hot and sticky all of the time, my knickers could do well. To my surprise, even a pair of rather innocent cotton knickers can fetch a lot of money. If all London escorts sold their knickers online, the price would probably not be so high. However, as relatively few London escorts sell their knickers online, it could at least be something to try. You never know your luck. You may just come across the right guy and he will start to collect your knickers.

I have also come across a few other sites where you can sell stuff that you may have worn. A couple of days ago, I sorted through my bra drawer and found that I needed some new bras. Instead of chucking my old bras out, I decided that I would sell a few of my bras on a new site that I had found online. Clearly, there are men out there who like to collect old bras as well. To my surprise, my old bras made rather a lot of money, and now I have plenty of cash to spend on new bras for London escorts. Just one of the many exciting ways in which you can make some extra money for yourself if you play it smart.

Sexuality is a great way to sell stuff to others as they feel closer to you and want to buy things to make you happy. People have been using this technique for many years.

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