Is it true that airline pilots prefer brunettes – Gatwick escorts

Here at the Agency we like to explore all the new hot escorts topics that come up, and an escorts from one a Gatwick escorts agency, claims that airline pilots prefer to date hot brunettes.
That is a really interesting thought so we decided to contact a few more Gatwick escorts via email to find out if brunettes were more in demand by pilots. Overall, we contacted ten brunette Gatwick escorts, and to our surprise, they all came back with the same answer. All of the Gatwick escorts from that we emailed claimed that the majority of their dates were airline pilots.
So, it seems that the majority of brunette Gatwick escorts have the same experience like the ones, and that many of their dates are airline pilots, So, perhaps the old saying needs to be changed – Airline pilots prefer hot brunette Gatwick escorts not blonde babes.
In the same email we addressed another couple of topics, and asked the girls if they thought that any other professions preferred dating brunettes. In general brunette escorts are seen as much smarter than blonde escorts, but as a blonde I wonder if this is really true.
There is a big fire station in Gatwick, and you have hot firemen who service both the airport and the town. We asked our ladies if they had dated any firemen in the last couples of months, and quite of few of them had. However, it turns out that firemen prefer dating blondes and hardly ever date brunette escorts.
Doctors are always thought of as smart and clever, and we dearly wanted to know if they date blonde or brunette escorts. Looking at the replies that we received from our panel of escorts, we noticed that the case was pretty even. It was almost half and half but a small majority of doctors did indeed lean towards hot brunettes.
Lawyers, solicitors and judges – who do they like to date? There are quite a few members of the legal profession who seem to enjoy dating escorts after a stressful week at work. Most of the escorts that we emailed know that some of their dates are members of the legal professions but they like to be very discreet about their dates.
Lawyers and solicitors seemed to enjoy dating hot brunettes or even red heads, but all the ladies who dated judges on a regular basis were blonde. Now we know that judges prefer blondes, and it might have something to do with the stress level of their jobs. It is after all a lot more stressful to be a judge than a lawyer or solicitor.
In the next couple of issues, we are going to take a look at the life of brunette escorts, and find out what areas of London have the most brunette escorts. Are brunettes still very much in vogue, or are gentlemen going back to dating hot blondes now that summer is coming.

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