Controlling Boyfriend

I am beginning to think that my boyfriend is trying to control my life. One of the things that worry me is that he wants to buy all of my clothes. Before we started to live together, I always used to go shopping with my friends from the London escorts I work for at the moment. But, now my boyfriend says that he does not want me to do that anymore. I am getting worried about our relationship, and so are my friends at London escorts.

Is my boyfriend trying to control me? At first, I thought that he was not trying to control me, but now I realise something is going on. The other day I came home with a pair of boots that I was planning to wear when I am on duty with London escorts. He went totally mad and told me to take them back. It scared me so much that I ended up taking them back to the shop where I had bought them.

None of the men I date at London escorts have ever treated me like that before and it did scare me a lot. Now, I am pretty sure that something is seriously wrong in our relationship and that I should do something about it. I have a good income from London escorts and I could easily manage without my boyfriend, but I am not sure that I would want to do. It is really hard to find a guy who puts up with London escorts, and I think I am lucky to have found this one guy.

The other day I felt so bad about our relationship that I did not really want to go into work. After my boyfriend had gone to work, I sat for ages at the kitchen table and stared into space. One of my friends from London escorts called and I told her what was going on. She told me to change the locks and not let him back in for my own safety’s sake.

I can understand how she feels, but I am not sure this is the right thing to do. Yes, I appreciate the support I get from my friends at London escorts, but at the same time, I really don’t want to upset him. He has been so nice to me. I think that this is a matter of learning how to live together and that we will eventually get used to each other. As long as I do as my boyfriend says, he does not seem to go into one of his temper tantrums.

Then again, I really don’t want to carry on living with a guy that I am afraid of. Some nights I really dread to leave London escorts and go home. Maybe the answer is for him to move out until we get to know each other and learn how to communicate. Mmm, I wonder how I can tell him about that without him getting angry.

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