The adventure we made – Cheap London escorts

Peter, Thomas and I decided to explore a little sea beach treasure that none of us had ever visited before for our summer vacation. We were too excited looking forward to spending most of the time getting a tan, or in the water, and if fate was on our side meet some sexy girls.

We took a train and then the bus to our weekend spot. The trio finally arrived at the hotel on Thursday night and went straight to the bar area. After a few drinks, everyone went to their room to have a good night sleep and get energy for the following day. Morning could not come soon enough and oh me! What a beautiful day it was.

The sun was already smiling down on us, and the waters were very welcoming to the point that we opted not to have breakfast at the hotel, but rush to the beach to savor the moment. It was just like the pictures on the website with white sands, and clear turquoise waters. Many other people had already settled in either basking in the sun, or out playing with the water. The ladies were a sight to behold with their two pieces and other beach attire that awoke the lion inside of us.

We spent the whole day on the beach trying to score, but lady luck was not on our side at all. Spending the night alone was not an option as we all needed some hot action because vacations should be filled with a lot of adult play. Thomas suggested that we look for a Cheap escort at since chances of picking up a girl at the beach were non-existent. Everyone was for the idea, and we hurriedly went online to scout some of the local agencies. We settled on the first one from Google and feasted our eyes on the extensive selection.

I had never been with a teen before, and when I told the squad that we should try the services of a cheap escort, no one had any objections. Peter’s room was to be the entertainment area for the night, and we sat there waiting for our prized possession. My jaw almost fell to the ground when she knocked on the door. There she was, looking like an angel with the most beautiful and innocent face and the sexiest body I have ever come across. No names were exchanged, as we all got down into action.

The girl had skills of a mature lady, and even though we had booked her for two hours, she ended up spending the night. We even forgot about the beach and spent Saturday and Sunday indoors with our girl having the best time of our lives. No one spoke about the encounter on the way home, but the grins on my friends’ faces showed that it was the best vacation yet!

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