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I was first introduced into its basic and foundation for me to fully understand the importance and value of arts. With the studies that I had I became more curious and interested in knowing more what really art is in my life. I have to find my own definition of art in order for me to appreciate its essence and value in my life. If I could not define arts the way that I wanted it to be then I may not fully embrace arts in my life as my passion and as my life. For me to further embrace it I need to learn its existence and its essential factors to human’s life. According to Croydon escorts of

When I am almost in my final year of getting arts I then realized that arts is all about life, no not that arts is life. That is how I define arts. When I started to find it out I then began to fully embrace arts into my life and I then become more aware of what arts brought me to life. It is true arts that I made my choices in life and it is through arts that I became the person that I am today. Everything that happens in my life, arts has something to do with it and that is why arts for me is life.

Out of my whole hearted dedication with arts I finished the course with highest honors. I never expected it to happen to me or even dreamed for it once I will finish my course. What I really dreamed of is to be an artist nothing less, nothing more but I was given so much blessings that putting my heart and dedication with what I am dreaming of made me have them as an extra bonus with what I keep on dreaming for.

So much thankful and blessed to the people who are behind my back with all the endeavors that I took just to compensate all the necessary requirements of my study. It was my family, friends, classmates and most of all God. And as paying tribute to them I made an arts exhibit and the exhibit is dedicated for all them. The exhibit is all thanksgiving and all the paintings that I made in them were being inspired from the people who are there from the start and even up to now supports me in whatever things that I will do.

I have been successful my whole life and if there is one thing that I would like to share to everyone is my newly found love when it comes to arts and that is pencil portraits. This made so much filled with so much of inspiration and this was all started when I meet my favorite Croydon escorts who love arts too. It was her made me realize the true magic of pencil portraits. It portrays elegance and simplicity that would strongly describe my Croydon escorts girl.

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