All of us has struggles and difficulties in life

I am tired of life, waking up each day and meeting all those problems again. To think that you are also tired of those people who keeps belittling your decisions in life. To feel that no one understand and cannot accept you. When you think you add the burdens to them, and just a disappointment to them. I hated my life so much, sometimes I think about ending my life to stop the pain. My parents always drag me down, telling me how better my rather than me. They have put up many negative things about my mind until I lost my respect for myself. I ran away from them, brought a little pocket money to me. I go to Westminster and find myself. Going to the beach and park every afternoon. I only hear the chirps of the birds and the sound of the wave and it’s so relaxing. I met someone who brought happiness into my life, someone who makes my life complete. She is a Westminster escort from, every day we met at the beach and enjoy each other. I hold on to her, and little by little I have overcome all my problems in life.

We go through many challenges, and that is typical. One of the saddest moment is when no one is there for us in our breakdowns in life. When all of your dreams disappear, and you are so lost. Life is hard and painful, sometimes unfair, and asked God “why out of billions of people in the world we experienced such pain in our life?” And then you came to realize again people who are needy the most, no clothes, no shelter, and struggling every day for their foods. We saw beggars every day, and tell me how hard your life is than them? Think of it, if they have survived through heat and cold, and you can do it too. There are times in our life that we are just good at complaining rather than making things out, we sit and think for non-sense without moving, we keep comparing our lives to others. Instead of doing our best to change our lives. Sometimes, there are things we want to give up because it is out of control and cannot hold on to life anymore. But sometimes, we realized that there are people who expect for us. Researchers conclude that too much stress and pressures can be a cause of anxiety and depression. And this illness can be dangerous if not treated, sometimes it is also the cause of mental illness, and the effect is hallucinations. To avoid those problems soon, I don’t think you can escape your problems perhaps you can rest and think of a better solution. Maybe you can go to the beach, or somewhere peaceful and find yourself again, just like how I find myself and my love too.

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