I thought that he was Casanova

Is it easy to fall for one of your London escorts dates? I have been escorting for some time, and I never really had a problem being realistic. In other words, until last year I had managed to stop myself from falling in love with any of my clients at charlotte action escorts.

That was until Alan turned up, or should I say, until Alan darkened the door step of my charlotte London escorts boudoir.When we first met, I thought that Alan was the answer to all of my dreams. He was really charming, and I guess like all of the other girls at London escorts, I did really dream of meeting Prince Charming. We are all bound to fall for the wrong guy at least once in our lives, and little did I know that Alan was my wrong guy. Fortunately for me, I put the brakes on at the right time. Alan was not so different from any of the other men I dated at the time at London escorts. What made him stand out from the crowd was his charm. Most of the other gents I met on a regular basis were kind of a bit more forward of what they needed from their dates. Alan was not that way inclined at all. He had the ability to make you feel that you were the only girl at London escorts, and he never wanted to, or needed to, spend time with anyone else.

Out of all the gents I had met during my London escorts career, he was the very sweetest. We had been dating for a couple of months when alarm bells started ringing. Another one of my London escorts regulars had just been around to see me, and bought me a really lovely necklace. I had left the necklace lying on the coffee table in the living room. I did not mean to show it off or anything like that but I realised that Alan had seen the necklace. I hastily explained it was a present from a friend. He did not seem to pay much attention, but after he left, I realised the necklace was gone.I was totally devastated and I honestly thought that I had misplaced the necklace. Later on that evening, I called Alan and asked him if he had picked up the necklace by mistake. He said no, and as I very much trusted him at the time, I really did want to believe him. Alan came around a couple of days later, and one of the first things he did, was to ask me if I had received any other presents from my dates.

I told him that most London escorts receive presents from time to time. He was really making me feel really uncomfortable. The following Saturday, I decided to take a day off from London escorts. I don’t know why, but for some reason, I popped into a local jewelry store. There, in the second hand cabinet, I could see my missing necklace. When I asked where it had come from, it was clear that Alan had sold it to the store. Since that day, I have erased Alan’s name from my London escorts diary. This is one Casanova I don’t care to run into again.

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