Is he just a serial seducer?

You meet a lot of different gentlemen when you work for a London escorts service. Some of them are really good with women, others book charlotte escorts because they feel really awkward around women. Philip was one of my favorite dates. He was always really nice to be, and made me feel like he genuinely sought out my company. At the same time, you could tell he was a bit of serial seducer. He used to bring me roses and a bottle of my favorite Pink Champagne every time I came around. I appreciated his attention, but I did not fall for all of his charms.

Phil constantly asked me if he could see me outside of charlotte escorts. He said he wanted me to be his dinner girl, and not just another girl from a charlotte escorts service. Apparently Phil enjoyed filing his female companions under different categories. On one of our dates, I came across his little black book, and I soon realised he kept detailed notes of all of the women he dated. I was his sexy companion he could spend some with, and occasion take to a business function.

Not all of the girls in Phil’s little black book were London escorts. Most of the girls were just ordinary ladies that Phil liked to spend time with. He had even made notes of what kind of presents he had given us girls at London escorts, so he would not get confused when he saw us. I noticed I seemed to be his roses and perfume girl, and another girl always got a lot of body lotion. It was all a bit freaky, but it also made me realise there is a lot to the art of seduction.

Reading on a little bit further, I noticed Phil kept notes of what kind of sex he had with a girl. At the time I read his book, it was clear he was into threesomes with a girl from Lloyds insurance group in London. He used to meet her with one of his friends, and they all used to enjoy playing with sex toys, and even the odd DP. Oh yes, Phil even wrote down the dates and what kind of sex they had been having on that particular date. I told all my best friends at London escorts about his little black book, and to be careful they did not end up in it using their own personal names.

Serial seducer Phil did not only enjoy booking charlotte escorts, and girls within the financial service industry. He was registered on a late of dating sites as well, and enjoyed hooking up with girls online. I guess to keep so many girls in play at the same time, you have to make notes and read up on your date for the evening. It was kind of funny when I think back on it. With all his charm, and seductive little promises, this guy was in the wrong career. He should really have been working for a male London escorts service. I do keep wondering who he is seducing now…

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