G-Spot Stimulation

G-spot stimulation can be tricky in a world where many people still assert that the G-spot doesn’t exist. People without G-spots can rest assured that the G-spot does, in fact, exist even if it is hard to find. Stimulating the G-spot can actually trigger female ejaculation, which also does indeed exist.

Partners who are having a hard time locating the G-spot of their own partners should not be too upset. It doesn’t mean that they’re bad lovers. Many adult women have a hard time locating their own G-spots, and living in a society that is still somehow debating the existence of the G-spot certainly does not help matters for them.

In some cases, partners are going to have to help their own partners find their own G-spots. Many women are still uncomfortable about this sort of thing in bed. Some women have a hard time achieving orgasm on their own. Other women are squeamish about exploring the area on their own. Their lovers can try to explore the area with their hands. Both parties are going to know when they have managed to hit the elusive G-spot.

However, one of the barriers to G-spot stimulation is the fact that a lot of women try to hold back their ejaculate. Some women are worried that they’re being incontinent as opposed to stimulated, which is one of the many reasons why women sometimes run into the bathroom just following sex. The fact that many women still believe that there is no such thing as female ejaculate doesn’t help. Once both parties accept that female ejaculate is real and that the G-spot is real, G-spot stimulation becomes possible.

Partners should first try to locate the G-spots of their partners with their fingers and hands, and from there, it should be easier to hit the G-spot with nearly everything else. They should have an idea of how to hit the G-spot during penetrative sex, whether they’re using toys or their own appendages. G-spot stimulation requires slow and steady repetitions and rhythms. Some people erroneously think that pounding too hard is going to improve G-spot stimulation, and that is not true.

Going too hard and too rough in bed is usually just going to hurt this very sensitive area rather than provide the essential stimulation. The slow and steady precision in bed is really going to allow people to create the G-spot stimulation that could actively change a woman’s life if she has never experienced this before that point.

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